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an unusual house in the middle of some trees
New Earth-Like Exoplanet with Rocky Surface Discovered 39-Light-Years Away, Called GJ 1132B
an old building that is made out of bricks
Temple in Bali, Indonesia
#batubulan #temple #bali One too many temples to visit ❤️❤️
there are many different pictures with people in the same place and one has a windmill
Tips for Female Solo Traveler
Zephyriousity provides DIY travel guide, itinerary & tips for female solo traveler or group. Follow #btravels to know where the curious mind of Zephyr will go next!
two adult elephants and one baby elephant standing in front of a sign for the 5 best savanna safaris
Tanzania Safari
#tanzania #safari
a man is doing yoga in front of the mountains
Nepal Mountain Climbing
#nepal #mountain