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the ten little apples are lined up in rows with words on each row and an image of
10 Autumn Songs for Preschoolers
four different posters with words and pictures on the same page, one for each person
Linky, Freebie, and More
a thank card with an image of a baby and a frog on the front, in orange
Momcat's Signing Academy
a green frog sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a poem written in english
DLTK's Template Printing
an image of someone's handwritten poem on their phone screen, with the caption all about me ten little fingers two little ears and one eye
Poem no. 2: All About Me
a little bird poem is shown with the words'little birds '
Little Birds
a black and white poster with words that say today
an image of a sign that says eyes on the door, feet on the floor and hands behind my back and say no more
11 Fun and Simple Hallway Transitions for Kindergarten