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two pictures with words in different languages and one has a dog on it's neck
two text messages with emoticions on them, one says girl you know what?
How he make me feel every single day🌷🥨🐰
Oh the way February has shown me it’s wonderful colours 🌈💫
two text messages with different emotictive expressions on them, one says'well, keep me informmed as you see if i understand it can be personal and the other
the text is written in two languages, and it looks like they are talking to each other
the break up site is displayed with an image of a heart
an image of a woman with sunglasses on her face and the caption reads pain is temporary, swag is forever
and this is what I live by
an image of a web page for a music player with the words'toxic friendship breakup check'on it
an image of a screen shot of a website page with the words secret relationship on it
Romantic playlist on Spotify by @clarinhaquis
a quote that says, a soul like yours is worth loving with the words above it
you are.