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a male in a white shirt and black tie is holding a gray bag with his right hand
a man sitting in a chair with his hands on his face
a young man holding a baseball bat on top of a tennis court with white and blue paint all over his body
241615 | #TEN at 'Give Me That' Everline Fansign Event
Ten Lee
a young man holding his hand up in the air while wearing a blue hoodie
240608 | #TEN at 'Give Me That' Mini Fanmeeting
a man with a pipe in his mouth sitting on top of a laptop computer screen
a shirtless man in shiny silver pants and boots standing against a wall with his back to the camera
a young man sitting at a table in front of a poster
240626 #WayV weverse membership update
Real Life
a man with short black hair and piercings standing next to another man in a striped shirt
a young man with headphones on sitting in front of microphones and recording equipment
a young man holding a microphone up to his face while wearing a white and black shirt