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three small stuffed animals standing next to each other on a white surface with one animal wearing a dress
Calico Critter Ribbon Skirt Tutorial
On a Calico Day: Calico Critter Ribbon Skirt Tutorial
a small stuffed rabbit wearing a purple crochet dress on a white table with a wall in the background
Private Site
Calico Critter Crochet Sundress {Larger Size} ~ Pattern Modifications
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
Modern Dollhouse Pendants
Image of Modern Dollhouse Pendants
this dollhouse is made to look like a kitchen
Give A Home - Make Your Own Dollhouse
Give A Home – Make Your Own Dollhouse
a hand is reaching into a miniature house made out of rocks and stones with a rabbit inside
Dom królika
(Translation from Polish): Apartment for a Sylvanian rabbit. Cabin dimensions are 26x14x18cm (1/16-1/18 scale.) On the main wall I used the bark & twigs; shelves are done with bamboo root. All pieces of furniture are hand made, together with the heater. The bedding was sewn with drobnowzorkowych fabric, & recently won a competition. (from miniaturowy Swiat Lady) See items on Etsy:
there are many miniature houses and toys on the floor with their name spelled in white letters
See this Instagram photo by @whimsy_woods • 217 likes
a small cat figurine is wearing a white coat and pink skirt with fur on it
Sylvanian Families Family Specail Edition Pink Dress Cat Kitty RARE
sylvanian families
two small stuffed animals sitting next to each other
OMG, cannot wait to buy these Calico Critters for Emma some day...hopefully she loves them as much as I do!
two stuffed animals sitting on top of a white table next to some blankets and pillows
My daughter love so much Sylvanians Families figures and toys so i made a sleeping bag for her and she loved it! Yes! :) Soooo more to come of course ;) She made me a loooong list what she wants to the little ones :D
the instructions for how to make an origami doll with clothes pins and knitting needles
Sylvanian Families #3 DIY : le transat extra large
Aujourd’hui c’est DIY ! On fait durer l’été avec un petit tuto super easy pour…