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a person writing on a piece of paper with a pen in their hand and the words i'm finey me
cause when u know u know
Art, Posters, Deep, Real, Girl, Life, Spiritual
a cartoon drawing of a person sitting in the bathtub with their hands on his knees
Humour, Anime Girl, Yandere, Wattpad, Meme, Random, Dark, Delusional
Spiderman ATSV messed with my daddy issues and Barbie messed with my mommy issues
the amount of hair that falls off while i wash my head would probably be enough to make a wig
a cat is walking through a grocery store aisle with the caption, i'm nostalgic for a life i did not live
Nico Di Angelo, Motivation, Frases, Chistes
a smiley face with the words when you say thank you, but it's too quiet and they don't hear so now you're the villain
a woman in an orange dress holding a book with the words me when i hear his name
Angel Aesthetic, Girl Memes, Slay
Instagram, Cute, Fairy, Slay Girl, Mood Quotes
Fairy Meme
a woman sitting in a bathtub with her hands on her face and the words me on my birthday