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a person sitting on the ground with their hands to his face
sab 🍊 on Twitter
a cartoon character pushing a baby in a hospital bed with the caption, poy you sent me a pic of your neck
a painting of a man with his head in his hands
boi - playlist by safrina | Spotify
a minion holding shopping bags with the caption'nagseselos ako at wala manang gingawa ang and goyenno
grabe talaga
a young man is posing for the camera with his hand on his face and texting that reads, nanghina ako kalanga ata nga kiss mo
a man with his arms crossed sitting in front of a tree and text that reads, tahimik lang ako pero miss na kita
miss u
a girl with her eyes closed and the words'o gamer ka pero diko sinabing pag laruan moko
okypi. in 2022 | Filipino funny, Tagalog quotes funny, Tagalog quotes
a small dog sitting on the ground with words written below it
a red heart with the words pwede bang and manaki ako on it
a basketball jersey hanging on the wall with words written below it that read dear papa jesus san ma miss hiya din ako
a man wearing shades is looking at his cell phone with the caption saying, wearing shades
ako lang 2
the words hello ako pa rin ba haha miss u are in blue ink