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two pictures of trees in the woods and one has an image of animals on it
'Ash Dome' by David Nash an artist who lived in Cae'n-y-coed in North Wales (1977). 22 Ash trees planted on his property. Over a period of approx. 30 years he grew them into a circular formation.
many kites are being flown in the sky with people walking by them and cars parked nearby
Predicting earthquakes and saving lives - with smartphones
Carp streamers - or koinoburi - are hung outside Japanese homes with sons on Children's Day on 5 May. But this school of 370 blue carp mourn the children who died in Higashimatsushima, Miyagi prefecture
an old wooden door on a white background
Pantry Door With Transom Top, 8 Feet Tall
Pantry Door With Transom Top, 8 Feet Tall | Chairish
the inside of an old stone building with stairs leading up to it and a skylight above