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? — my destiny has always been you ֶָ֢ ֹ 𓈒 Memes, Funny, Funny Laugh, Mentally Ill, Funny Me, Im Going Crazy
? — my destiny has always been you ֶָ֢ ֹ 𓈒
Romans, Im Not Okay, Rawr Xd, Meme
an image of two people with the words to from on them, and one is looking at
a man holding up a sign that says where's my emo shawty
This is a meme that shows a man bowing down to a picture of the Selfish Machines album with text saying i believe in selfish machines supremacy Feelings, Funny Images, I'm Not Like Other Girls, Fb Memes
I believe in Selfish Machines supremacy
a man with long hair and a hoodie holding a knife in his hand next to a poster that says, if nobody got me i know god got me can get an amen?
Ray Toro
a girl with a hat on her head in front of a pink and white heart
kellin if u see this pls 😐👍
a pink background with the words sleeping with sirens and an image of a black cat
pls show this to the right people none of my pins are getting saves💔 sleeping with sirens supremacy
the cover art for life kinda sucks but at least i have