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a black and yellow poster with the words journal prompts written in white on it
Wild Little Flowers | Bloglovin’
I recently talked about several different types of journals you can keep. Moving forward, I’d like to explore some of those options in greater detail—because journaling is fun and I want to help make
the writing checklist for students to use
How's My Writing?
This is part of the free editing set from First Grade Wow. For kindergarten, I…
an orange and white poster with the words journal prompts
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Journal prompts.
an image of a white fabric textured with some light grey color on the surface
Free Printable Journaling Card
a green background with an image of a monster and the words, things i want to try before i'm gone
Treasure Chest Downloads
a stack of books with writing on them
Journal the concept of journaling on the edges of the pages of books, aren't we writing our own story?
the writing workshop is organized with markers and pencils
Teaching Writing: the 4-1-1 (video post!)
**VIDEO** post about implementing Writer's Workshop in your classroom!! Lots of great tips :)
the words are written in many different languages
Fingerprint poetry is a great way to start a poetry unit or the beginning of the year. High school or middle school students can really express their individuality.
the big dreams poster is shown in blue and purple colors with trees, flowers, and sun
7 Ways to Encourage a Love for Writing - Learning Liftoff
Jessica Swift - Treasure Chest Downloads
a notebook with writing on it that says i am and is surrounded by other words
a card saying i am unwilling to learn something new every day
Wisdom Cards - Affirmations - Louise Hay
louise l hay
a poem written in red and white with an image of a man kissing a woman
Take Time Poem
I can't remember the last time I've written a poem! Today, while snuggling and kissing my almost five year old (how is that possible?!)