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there are many different types of shoes in the grass
Asha Patravali Knits 151 Baby Booties In Unique Designs - All About Belgaum
Asha Patravali from Belagavi took 5 months to knit the 151 cute looking and very adorable booties all in unique designs.
an old black and white photo of a train on the tracks with people standing next to it
Railways Came To Belgaum In 1887 - All About Belgaum
The Londa-Belgaum (now Belagavi) line was opened on 21st March 1887, Belgaum to Miraj line covering 138.21 km (85.88 miles) was opened in December 1887.
a triangle shaped plate filled with food on top of a table
New Summer Menu From Middle East At Marrakesh - All About Belgaum
Marrakesh, the Mediterranean-inspired restaurant has launched a new Summer Menu which will definitely tickle those taste buds but at the same time give you that soulful menu for summer which one can digest easily with less spices.
the words summer camps against a blue background
Summer Camps In Belagavi - All About Belgaum
A list of Summer Camps to be held at Belagavi for Dance, Music, Cricket, Table tennis, Lawn Tennis, Art, Drawing Summer Camps
the word body donation on a blue background with white letters and an image of a woman's face
Ever Consider Donating Your Body To Science? - All About Belgaum
Kirana Store, Online Grocery Store, Grocery Online, Grocery Store, The Neighbourhood, Mens Graphic, Road, Mens Graphic Tshirt, Mens Tshirts
Your Neighborhood Kirana Store Goes Online - - All About Belgaum
a man's face is shown behind three wooden sticks
Handcrafted Bamboo Bikes By Abhijit Samant - All About Belgaum
there are many newspapers on display in the store
Belagavi Latest News | Belagavi | Belgaum | AllAboutBelgaum
the word weather on a blue background with white text below it that reads,'weather '
Belagavi Latest News | Belagavi | Belgaum | AllAboutBelgaum
the words belgaum in 1800 on a blue background
Business In 1800s In Belgaum - All About Belgaum
an older man standing in front of a wall with gold and red designs on it
Habbiunddin Has Been Selling Toy Boats Bubble Maker For 41 Years Now – Humans Of Belagavi - All About Belgaum
the street art flea market is open for business
Belagavi Latest News | Belagavi | Belgaum | AllAboutBelgaum
a group of people sitting in front of a blackboard
Belagavi Latest News | Belagavi | Belgaum | AllAboutBelgaum