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a small toy bakery with donuts and other treats
The Bakery 🥨 This might be one of my favorite builds to date 🧁 This is the ground floor for the third and final building of my Friends… | Instagram
there are many different types of legos in the same box, each with flowers and plants
1pc Botanical Garden Building Block Toys, Sunflower, Tulip, Snowball Flower, Educational Diy Assembled Building Blocks
a lego display case with cakes and cupcakes on it's sides, in front of a blue background
Cafe Corner Interior
LEGO IDEAS - Cafe Corner Interior
a lego refrigerator with its door open on a yellow background
A refrigerator from BrickLink
there is a toy vending machine made out of legos and other things to play with
Claw machine
Claw machine | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
there is a lego toilet in the shape of a box
LEGO Creator 31057 - Helikopter
there is a small toy food stand on the table and it's made out of legos
a lego ice cream stand with three scoops of ice cream
ice cream milkshake stall from BrickLink
Studio Gallery [BrickLink]
two pictures of the same sink and faucet with water coming out of it
a lego house with flowers growing out of it's roof and the front door
Celebrating Pride with a small vignette that speaks volumes
a toy figurine is set up in the shape of a forest with animals and mushrooms
an orange juice stand made out of legos
a three tiered display case filled with lots of donuts