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two stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a bed
a penguin holding a pink heart with its arms and legs in the shape of a heart
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a penguin with a pink hat and skis on it's head sitting in a chair
a brown teddy bear with a heart shaped tag on it's keychain
Jellycat Bartholomew Bear soft charm
Discover great products at the best prices at Dealmoon. Jellycat Bartholomew Bear soft charm. Price:$20.00 at Selfridges
there are many stuffed animals on the towel
a black cat stuffed animal sitting up against a white background
Jellycat < Amore Cat Black < One More Bear UK - One More Bear, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent
a yellow stuffed animal sitting on top of a white floor
jellycat amuseables
a white stuffed duck with orange feet sitting in front of a white background and looking at the camera
Farmyard Soft Toys
a stuffed animal is sitting on the floor
Jellycat Billie Giraffe medium soft toy 34cm
a small stuffed giraffe sitting on the ground
Jellycat Puffles giraffe medium soft toy 32cm
a white stuffed rabbit with stars on its ears