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how to successfully sell event sponsors
Premium, Live, And On-Demand Nonprofit Webinar Training Courses
Having trouble finding sponsors for your fundraising event? You’re not alone. Tons of amazing fundraisers just like you struggle with sponsorship because the standard fundraising rules don’t apply. If you want sponsors to say yes, you need to know how and what to sell. And spoiler alert, it’s not complimentary tickets to your event. Join Shanon Doolittle, internationally recognized fundraising and sponsorship expert, as she shares tips and tactics for selling event sponsorships....
the dos and don'ts of grant writing on a table with glasses, pen and notebook
Dos and Don’ts of Grant Writing - Grant Writing Tips
Dos and Don’ts of Grant Writing - Grant Writing Tips
the words 10 unusual fundraiser ideas that raise great fund
10 Unusual Fundraising Ideas: For Fun & Good Profits
Here are 10 Unusual and Creative Fundraising Ideas that are sure fire ways of having fun and raising great funds.
a woman in black is standing against a white wall with the words how to fundraiser effectively as an infovert
list of 5 biggest nonprofit fundraising myths for new and small nonprofits.
a pile of money sitting on top of a calendar
How to Videos, Articles & More - Discover the expert in you. |
Monthly fundraising campaigns help bring in steady donations all year.
several rolls of admit tickets stacked on top of each other with the words admit one printed on them
Family reunion fundraising ideas
the top 10 silent auction items are in red and black text on a blue background
Top 10 Silent Auction Items
Top 10 Silent Auction Items - Best auction items and why having fewer items of higher quality raises much more money. More silent auction ideas:
the words 1011 donation sources for fundraiser auctions are in red on a green background
101 Fundraising Auction Donations Sources
101 Fundraising Auction Donation Sources - Awesome list of the best donation links!
a poster with many different types of boats in it
Back to School 2018: Organizing and Volunteer Trends
Back to School 2018: Organizing and Volunteer Trends
the words corporate and company are written in black on a blue background
Corporate Grants For Nonprofits Source List
Source list of corporate grants for non-profit organizations from major corporations in the U.S. This list of corporate grant sources for nonprofits provides links to the correct web page detailing how to submit your grant application.
the text reads, 51 more donation request links - fundraisering chick on a blue background
51 More Donation Request Links! - Fundraising Chick
the 5 step restaurant fundraiser flyer is shown in black and white with yellow leather couches
Partner with a restaurant
Learn how to partner with a local restaurant to put together a fundraising event for your mission trip!
the words are written in black ink on white paper, which reads why some fundraisers success
Why Some Fundraisers Succeed And Others Fail
Why Some Fundraisers Succeed While Others Fail - What qualities or characteristics separate the fundraisers who succeed from the ones who fail? Who better to ask than the top donors who give the most money to the largest nonprofit organizations in the world?