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several white plates with plants in them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Shopper's Diary: A Garden Pop-Up by Designer David Stark - Gardenista
The Pierced Flower Rests are a collaboration between David and Victoria Ashley Shaheen, a ceramic artist who teaches her craft in the heart of Detroit. They come in six variations on three disc sizes—6-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch—each with a unique hole pattern of circles or loose "snowflakes." Each disc comes with a glass cylinder vase, and prices range from $85 to $250.
an official seal is on the ground next to a plaque
Super cool stamps for clay art, made in the USA for marking soft clay with logos or maker's marks. Also known as a chop.
a close up of a white object with writing on it
F L E U R C E R A M I C S sur Instagram : Happy with my new stamp! 💛 . . . . #claystamp #smallbusiness #ceramics #signaturestamp #claystamps #makingmymark #pottery #wheelthrown…
a white cup sitting on top of a table
Pãn Pottery on Instagram: “Unfortunately we won’t be launching our website as planned tonight. We have been evacuated from our home at Lake Weyba. We are thinking of…”
there is a small plant that is in the middle of a vase on the floor
Мастерская свадебного декора «Красота в Деталях
COCOON wabi sabi inspiration | the beauty of simplicity and natural elements | interior design | kitchen design | villa design | hotel design | interior design products for your home by Dutch Designer Brand COCOON
two white vases sitting next to each other on top of a table in front of a wall
Working on a big order and actually feeling like working in a day care center for ceramics. Meaning constant monitoring of drying stage and waiting to turn them upside down for even drying.
an assortment of dishes and utensils laid out on a wooden table with twigs
Tschüss Hygge, jetzt kommt Wabi-Sabi –
several white cups with brown speckles on them sitting next to some sea shells
Pottery for the Planet // Sandy Planet Cup - Smooth
a white vase sitting on top of a table
Susan Disley – The Art Shop & Chapel
susan disley, blanc, simple, blabla, et paf, une surépaisseur bleutée a linterieur
there are many vases that have been placed on the table together, and one is empty
Kiezelvaasjes | vtwonen
Deze mooie kiezelvaasjes zijn een combinatie van Scandinavische eenvoud en Aziatische harmonie.
a table topped with lots of white plates
geen bron maar ooo zooo inspirerend voor wie dit zelf kan maken... .??
a white pitcher sitting on top of a table
牛尾範子展 2006.12.5-28
Noriko Ushio. the perfect pitcher i reallly like the white on white photo and the traditional but modern pitcher shape
an empty plate with a spoon on it
the prop dispensary
Clean and simple