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multiple images of the same male mannequin
an image of the muscles in different positions
Anatomy Studies I - Torso & Legs, Codie McKneely
an image of the front and back view of a man's body in four different poses
the head and shoulders of a man with short hair, in three different angles on a white background
Headshot ref
a black and white drawing of different shapes
how to draw an ear step by step
How to draw the Ear by Paperbag-Ninja on DeviantArt
How to draw the Ear by Paperbag-Ninja
an image of the back and shoulder muscles in various positions, with text below it
the back and side view of a man's body in various poses, with text below
an image of a man's back with muscles highlighted in the upper half and lower half
the diagram shows how to draw an arm and shoulder with blue lines on each side
the muscles and their functions are labeled in different languages, including an upper half - back view