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a person holding an open book with pink and green images on it in front of a black background
November 2009 – Inspiration Lab
a bunch of papers are stacked on top of each other with the same color scheme
Recoded City – Book design
the poster for electric etcc is shown in white and pink on a black background
Experimental Theatre Company
a poster with a cow's head in pink and blue, on a purple background
Айдентика музея современного искусства ГЭС 2
an open magazine on a pink surface with images and text in the pages, including photos
Skap – Annual Report
an open book with the image of jesus on it
paperzıne — magazine and newspaper hybrid
an open book with black and red ink on it, next to a drawing of a demon
Astigmatism and Other Forms of Disfunction
an open magazine with black and white photos on it's pages, including the words as bar - cas
Festivais GIL VICENTE 2012
an open magazine with pink and black graphics
Festivais GIL VICENTE 2012 on Behance #magazine
an open magazine with black and white images on the front cover, featuring a pink rose
an open magazine with the image of a man in sunglasses