Mythological creatures, imagined beasts, and general fantasy-type art.
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Fantasy Clothing

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This Craft Essence can be obtained by raising Paul Bunyan's Bond Level to 10. It comes at max level with all limit breaks. Trivia "New World" is a term used during the Age of Discovery., "One Country" refers to the United States of America., The art of the CE refers to Paul Bunyan's ability to fashion lakes and rivers at will, which led towards creating the Puget Sound, the Grand Canyon, and the Black Hills.

Fantasy Landscape

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Character Concepts

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an animal with long hair and horns on it's head
a drawing of a dragon with its mouth open and eyes closed, standing in front of a gray background
a drawing of a green dragon with its wings spread out, standing in the grass
North forest dragon 🌲 (@godraviazarri) on X
a painting of a blue dragon with long horns
a blue and green dragon flying through the sky
a painting of a green and yellow dragon on white paper with watercolors next to it
Dimenran on X
a drawing of a blue dragon sitting on its hind legs with it's mouth open
Happy year of the Dragon! #lunarnewyear #mythicalcreature #easterndragon #digitalpainting #yearofthedragon | Instagram
a blue and green dragon sitting on top of a black surface with swirls around it
a blue dragon is flying through the air with its tail curled up and eyes closed
a drawing of a dragon with green wings and spikes on its head, running through the air