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an info sheet with many different colors and lines on it, including the words in each language
Oloris Publishing
The Proverbs of Middle-Earth. Faramir's first one, though. <3
a quote from the fellowship of the ring that says, it's a dangerous business going out of your door you step on to the road and if you don't
For the love of Sam Gamgee
a lion sitting on top of a large rock next to a quote about fighting for power
132 Quotes About Staying Strong During Hard Times - LifeHack
Inspirational Quotes // Here's some 100 quotes to give you strength during hard times.
the poem wolf and flame is written in black ink on white paper with an image of a
Wolf and flame..let them think you are weak..
a facebook page with the words love her, but leave her wild and an image of a person walking
Shop Valentine's Day Shop for Her Online
Nature of Love, Love of Nature
a close up of a sign on a wall with writing in korean and another language
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an open book with writing on it in english and korean characters written in two languages
soo 👁‍🗨 corner - I Am Afraid
'I Am Afraid' - That there will come a day. When I use you as an example. To indifferently comfort another. That I went through it too.
a black and white photo with the words hearts are wild creatures, that's why our ribs are cages
an old black and white photo with the words i will not be another flower picked for my beauty and left to die
Latest News & Tips On Love, Relationship, Wedding, Dating, Beauty & Style
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an old typewriter with the words, we build castles with our fears and sleep in them like kings and queens
The Blooming of Madness poem #139 written by Christopher... (Remington Typewriter Poetry.)
an old poem written in black and white with the words'she said, i've learned that whenever i decide something with an open heart, i usually make the right decision
Maya Angelou - Book Collection