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If you are going back to school, you can print these cute free clock labels and put them around your clock to help your students learn to tell time. You can use these for any season or theme of classroom decor. You can get creative by placing these on top of other backgrounds. I have added some background circles for you to use: Cow, Zebra, Glitter Sunburst, Burlap, Chalkboard, and Gray Chevron. Print, laminate and cut out. Card stock is recommended for durability. Hope this helps get you off to
2D Shapes Guess the Shape PowerPoint Game FREE


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Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers

ELA English Language Arts FREE

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Constitution Escape Room Activity- Use the U.S. Constitution to Break Free!
Leaves Counting and Colors is a 15 page PDF book with an 18 page addendum with additional activities, resources, writing assignments. Most pages show various numbers of leaves so students can count the leaves (up to 5) and state the color. This Bible-based version is appropriate for grades K-1. A se...

Social Studies FREE

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Delve into the world of #multisensoryphonics with Eyewords® Alpha-Code Sound Mats. This evidence-based #resource serves as a cornerstone for mastering beginning letter-sound correspondences, #phoneme pronunciation, and for honing #letterformation and #writingskills. Colorful images captivate attention and aid in a deeper understanding of letter sound correspondences (phoneme grapheme connections) in a #multisensory and engaging way Each letter (grapheme) is thoughtfully paired with specific images designed to directly cue its respective sound (phoneme) Perfect for #home and #classroom use, these mats seamlessly integrate into various environments, including small group instruction, #literacycenters, and independent work
This is a free reading goal setting sheet. This Books I Want to Read page will be a great place to write down a list of 12 books your students (or you) would like to read. You can hand this out to your students or even use it yourself to be mindful of books that may be interesting that you don't want to miss. Use with partners and small groups to discuss the possibilities. It can be used at the beginning of the year for a back-to-school activity and is a great way to start off New Year, too.


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Students learn Total solar eclipses occur relatively rarely in the same place within a short time frame.. through a C.E.R. (Claim Evidence Reasoning) graphic organizer. This is great for getting your students to explain phenomena in a meaningful way and it allows you as the instructor to adequately assess their understanding of concepts.
This Free Crash Course Kids Space Science Intro to Stars - Spaced Out (#25.1) YouTube Guide challenges students to get the most out of this entertaining, short, yet substantive video. #FREETPT #TPTFREE #CRASHCOURSEKIDS #SCIENCE #TEACHERS
This Free Crash Course Kids Space Science - Here Comes the Sun YouTube Guide challenges students to get the most out of this entertaining, short, yet substantive video. #SpaceScience #ElementaryScience #Teachers #TPT #CRASHCOURSEKIDS


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Please enjoy this emergent reader for Memorial Day! I have 2 FREE readers (emergent and advanced) available in my store- please choose the one that's right for your kids! To check out the emergent reader click on Memorial Day Reader (advanced).Please read before providing feedback: This book is ...
Please enjoy this emergent reader for Memorial Day! I have 2 FREE readers (emergent and advanced) available in my store- please choose the one that's right for your kids! To check out the emergent reader click on Memorial Day Reader (advanced).Please read before providing feedback: This book is ...

Holidays and Seasonal

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It's nearly summer! Time for that well-deserved break from early mornings, busy evenings, packing snacks and lunches, nightly homework, and required activities. Instead, you have days to plan relaxing vacations, time to spend in nature, and special summer treats to enjoy! However, in the middle of all the well-earned summer fun, it is vitally important that our little learners do not forget all the amazing skills they've acquired throughout the school year. Continue reading: preventing-summer-learning-loss-with-eyewords
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers

Digital Learning

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The ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews keep coming in Multisensory Alpha-Code Teaching Cards, Set #1: Initial Letters and Sounds
#Eyewords™… Evidence-based, #Multisensory-Orthographic #HighFrequencyHeart Word Teaching Cards, Set #1, Words 1-50 combine multisensory learning, explicit #orthographicmapping and active play. Created to differentiate #reading instruction for young learners, #strugglingreaders and #Englishlanguagelearners. In combination with #phonemicinstruction, #Eyewords™M provides a multisensory - visual, auditory and kinesthetic approach to teaching the #highfrequencywords. Each card is double-sided. The front of each Eyewords card embeds visual-contextual images, provides a related auditory phrase and corresponding kinesthetic action. In so doing, Eyewords has created context for abstract high frequency words. The engagement of multiple modalities make words meaningful for learners.

Back to School

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Free Fill in Chart for the Hero's Journey Use with Novel, Movie, or Epic

End of Year

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DESCRIPTION Delve into the world of multisensory phonics with Eyewords Alpha-Code Posters. This evidence-based resource serves as a cornerstone for mastering beginning letter-sound correspondences, phoneme pronunciation, and writing skills.
Try this activity using our Alpha-code cards. Select a few words that start with soft G and J. Write & the ending on the blocks. Mix them up. Have the student place the blocks where they belong.
We're excited to present Evewords' #AlphaCode Collection! Rooted in research, these innovative #resources are designed to #help #students master letter-sound correspondences quickly, efficiently and in a #fun and #engaging way. By incorporating multisensory elements, these comprehensive tools create an interactive, cohesive, and dynamic #learning experience.


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Free Clock Labels and Worksheet - Back to School Classroom Decor with Practice
Writing: Strategies For Generating Writing Ideas Anchor Chart- Digital Resource
Writing: Strategies For Generating Writing Ideas Anchor Chart- Digital Resource

Class Decor

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Fractions can often be a challenging concept for students to grasp, but with the right tools and practice, they can become confident in their understanding. This worksheet is designed to engage students while providing them with the necessary practice to master this fundamental mathematical skill. ...
🌟 Get ready to kickstart the school year with my FREE "All About Me" Name Plate Activity! 🎨📔 Let colors and symbols speak volumes about your uniqueness. Perfect for fostering connections and celebrating diversity. Download now!

Special Education

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#Eyewords - Empowering #educators, one resource at a time! Discover what everyone is talking about!!
Provide learners with a Pop-It and something to write on such as a whiteboard, chalkboard, paper, etc. Choose 3 to 5 target words. Hold up an #Eyewords card. Have learner say the word, pop each sound in the word, and then write the word.

Engaging Lessons

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Digital BOOM Cards FREEBIE! Students practice number sense, counting, subitizing and number recognition with these self-correcting BOOM Cards. All you need is a free account on BOOM and access to the internet!
Have you ever wanted to post to Instagram from your PC but the + button just isn't there? Learn how to add this function to your desktop or laptop computer by going to my blog. I have described it in 5 easy step with screen-captured images for clarity. Save yourself time from having to watch multiple YouTube videos and without having to download new programs. You can be posting images in Insta within minutes. Let me know how it works for you. Go to
Mark Twain, A Californian's Tale: Full Length Audiobook American Literature Classic with Subtitles


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Substitute plans

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Classroom Signs Middle Grades Pandemic Protocol Entry Procedure FREE
Healthy Me- Math, Science and Literacy Workbook by Health EDventure
This is a concise page of 12 words and pictures (in both color and bw) related to the concept of dental health for preschool and Kindergarten children.This page can be used for vocabulary meanings, recognition and to encourage discussion about healthy teeth.Make up sentences using 2 or 3 of the word...


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Emotions in Spanish Anchor Chart | Teach Starter
These five activities - to be completed over the course of two weeks -- help children and young adults practice mindfulness to help promote happiness, self-worth, emotional control, and self-regulation. Activities are specifically tailored to children and young adults and use research-based metacogn...

Social Skills

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Autism And Special Ed

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***FREE***This product is a lesson plan and instrumental piece written in a "non-music reading" approach for the song, AMERICA. It is not meant to be an accompaniment for singing but rather the entire melody and accompaniment is written in order to be played so that it may be performed, whether in t...
***FREE DOWNLOAD for RESPONSIBILITY******KID FRIENDLY MP3 Vocal Track***This K-5th Character Education Song Kit for RESPONSIBILITY contains:• Words & Music: Melody line with Chords• Songsheet with Lyrics only• Easy Movement Suggestions for the song (simple hand movements with students standing i...
*** FREE ***Overview: This product includes a FREE Music Sub Plan for 2nd - 6th of composer, IRVING BERLIN. The lesson is built around students learning some facts about the composer. A word search puzzle using words from the composer's biography, along with an answer key, is included. THIS IS A ...

Music Teaching

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Mother's Day Coloring Pages FREEBIE!!! by The Wacki Art Teacher | TPT
The Elements of Art: COLOR Coloring Pages! by The Wacki Art Teacher

Visual Art And Music

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The learner will need pencil and paper or whiteboard and marker for this activity. Instructor shuffles the alpha code-teaching cards, and then hold up one card, plain-text side facing the learner. The learner has one minute to draw a picture of something that begins with the letter shown on the card. Repeat with a new card.
Are you looking to have your students do some writing about taking care of the earth this April? This FREEBIE will prompt your students to tell about just that. This writing printable comes complete with a first page and an additional page that you may copy, allowing your students to write as much about the subject as they would like. Perfect for your elementary students. Stop by Taryn's Unique Learning to download this FREE item and take a peek around for more great literacy products. .


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WebQuest Primary & Secondary Sources for Sled Dog Racing FREE ELA or Soc Stud

Summer Reading

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This is a free crossword puzzle that covers the concepts of the St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism Week 1: The Purpose of Man's Existence. The answer key is included.It is part of a new series of extended activities we are creating for this Catechism. Teachers will still need to purchase the book. T...
This printable Lent sacrifice craft is perfect for Catholic kids. This activity is easy to use during Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday through Holy Week. Children can color a piece for each sacrifice they make. It is a great way to encourage students to keep up their efforts all through Lent. Great for Religion and Faith Formation! #Lent #Catholic #CatholicKids #HeavensLittleHelper


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a pink foosball with blue and white sticks sticking out of it's sides
At Home Activities and STEM Challenges!
At Home Activities and STEM Challenges!
free routine and procedure checklist for back to school
Professional development book study for teachers!
Make classroom management easy with actionable strategies and tips from the book Teaching Self Discipline.
a plastic container filled with lots of different colored items and the words how to make your own mini - sensory bins
Sensory Bins To Go - Perfect For The Organized SLP
Sensory bins are great for targeting speech and language goals, but they can take up a lot of space. Check out how you can use scrapbook photo cases to create your own, portable, mini sensory bins! #sensoryprocessing #SLP #SPED
an open book sitting on top of a table next to candles and bookshelves
Frankenstein Note-Taking for Critical Thinking FREE Lit Circle Style Activities
Teaching Made Easy123 Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers
a desk with a computer, keyboard and notebook on it that says at home learning schedule ideas
679 Best Teaching Freebies images in 2020 | Teacher freebies, My favourite teacher, Teaching
This post is especially for the parents and educators who are currently stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is such an unusual and crazy time for families – you may be asking yourself, what do I do with my kids all day? If you’re not sure how to approach scheduling out your child’s (or children’s) time at home, I totally get it! I’m writing this for those who are not homeschooling experts, by any means.
the history of the chocolate chip cookie reading passage for kids to use in their book
Free Close Reading Passages for 4th and 5th Graders - Appletastic Learning
Engage your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students with this fun FREE reading comprehension passage, worksheets, and printables packet! Download, print, and use the complete History of the Chocolate Chip Cookie unit right away for reading comprehension lessons, activities, strategies, and centers. Differentiated for even easier use across grade levels. Click the link to get your FREE download today!
the cover of teaching firsthand and secondhand accounts, with an image of a boy
Teaching Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts | Book Units Teacher
Learn the difference between firsthand and secondhand accounts. Check out an activity to teach this skill to your upper elementary students.
a bulletin board with the words, daily schedule and free printables on it
Setting up a Kindergarten Schedule ⋆ The Blue Brain Teacher *
Free kindergarten schedule cards - editable
Revamp Your Classroom with Our Colorful Freebie!
Add a splash of vibrancy to your classroom with our FREE Color Posters! This colorful collection of color word posters is a sure-fire way to brighten up your bulletin board and engage your students' senses. Download them now, print, and watch your classroom come alive!