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How To Make Notion Aesthetic
Best widgets and apps for Notion -------- Credits @heyeaslo
You can use it as wallpaper on your laptop or tablet and intro on your vlogs 🦋 Instagram, Retro, Art Deco, Pixel Art, Kawaii, Gif, Aesthetic Anime, Cute Gif, Anime Scenery
Japanese 🦋/(Anime studying+coffee)/🦋
Relaxing train journey - LoFi Hip Hop / Jazzhop / Chill [Study, Work, Focus & Coding Beats]
Aesthetic intro template
aesthetic outro template | no text ✰
an image of a website page with many pictures on the front and back side of it
dark ghibli notion homepage template
studio ghibli, dark theme notion homepage including subpages for school, book library, and journaling, template is:
a drawing of a woman holding a flower in one hand and looking down at the ground
Disney Art, Manga, Spirited Away, Spirited Away Haku, Miyazaki Tattoo
a drawing of a boy blowing bubbles with his nose to the side, in black and white
Pin by Nored Lazaroo on mandalas | Ghibli artwork, Studio ghibli tattoo, Ghibli tattoo
Pin by 뚱 on mandalas | Ghibli tattoo, Studio ghibli tattoo, Ghibli artwork
an image of totoro and cat with faces on the back, surrounded by other items
Awesome Totoro iPhone Wallpapers - WallpaperAccess
a totoro sitting in the middle of a gray background
Totoro Wallpapers - Wallpaper Sun
Totoro Wallpaper 3