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some anime characters with different expressions on their faces and the words pretty mango bottomss
an anime story page with two people talking to each other
Dameo To Yaba Otoko chapter 2
an image of two people with cats in their arms and one person holding a cat
⚘ ⦂ GOJO & GETO ☆
— gojo and geto | from #jujutsukaisen ! by capricialo - twitter
the comic strip shows two people with black hair, one is looking at another person's face
SatoSugu | @OwwlllY tw ★
❱ #呪術廻戦 #JujutsuKaisen
an image of a man and woman in bed with the caption that reads, i love you so much
Artist : @/aycherst on X (Twitter)
Artist : @/aycherst on X (Twitter)
an anime character with black hair and white eyes
a comic strip with an image of two people talking to each other and the caption reads, emerge from darkness's black & still purifying what are you doing?
ᴅᴇꜱᴄ : Geto and Gojo ㅤ→ㅤ﹫ OwwlllY ᴏɴ Ⲭ
the comic panel shows two people eating pancakes and one has an egg on top of it
⚘ ⦂ GOJO & GETO | @Owwllly - Twitter ♡
gojo and geto | from #jujutsukaisen ! by Owwllly - twitter
▻ cooking with Geto ❥ #呪術廻戦 #JujutsuKaisen Anime Shows, Cute Anime Coupes, Anime Drawings Boy, Cute Anime Character, Body Base Drawing
SatoSugu | OwwlllY on tw ★
▻ cooking with Geto ❥ #呪術廻戦 #JujutsuKaisen