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I just discovered the fastest cell shading hack ever!!
…using an outline brush!! ヽ( ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ )ノ Since cell shading = shading with flat colors (Anime uses cell shading for example!) What the outline brush does is add lines around the flat color to save you the time of doing lineart for folds, hair, deco etc! But here’s the real kicker- you can choose the color of the outline which means colored lineart right off the bat! Bam! ☆( • ⩊ <) Or better yet—you can add a brighter line to a muted color pallet to trick the eye into seeing a muted yet saturated color (like the hat/paw at the top of the reel)!! Check my reel tutorial on how to find an outline brush in each program! For this one on CSP I used Layer property > boarder effect > edge color !
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an anime character with pink hair and blue eyes, holding her hand up to her face
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