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This is so true for me is it for you if it is then comment
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31 Funny LOL Minions Pictures Just Because You Need Them!
a minion holding a flower with the caption saying,'someone will walk into your life and makes you relax why it never worked out until anyone else
Common Sense
a large group of yellow minion faces
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the minions language poster is shown with several minion characters in different poses and expressions
Funny Reasons Why We Love Minions | Despicable Me | Reckon Talk
a minion sitting on top of a table with the words to do list
the characters from despicable memes are wearing wigs
Moi moche et méchant 2 : quand les fans rendent tout "minion"
Despicable me minions.
a minion holding a trumpet with the caption be warning i'm bored this could get dangerous
This Or That Tag (The Stressful Edition)
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Life Is So Ironic Minion Quote
the story of my life is written in black and white with an image of a minion
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Top 29 Funny despicable me Minions Quotes.
Top 29 Funny despicable me Minions Quotes. Part 2
Top 29 Funny despicable me Minions Quotes.
a group of minion characters with caption that reads, the look of outer trust you give your trainer before you release what he has planned for the workout
14 Reasons Minions Should Actually Exist
Despicable me- MINIONS!!