Nature Inspired Design

Nature is the ultimate designer and engineer. Humans have much to learn in order to improve our designs and to live in harmony with all living things.
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a blue and white bug sitting on top of a green piece of fruit in the dark
This Insect Pees at High Speed Using 'Butt Flicker'
a close up of a camel with palm trees in the background
Camels’ noses inspire a new humidity sensor
a building made out of sticks and vines
Living Willow Structures for Playgrounds - Playscapes
Woven willow structures. The magical example above is from the Santa Barbara Arboretum.
a close up view of a camel's face
Why This New Technology Inspired by Camel Fur Is Super Cool
Why This New Technology Inspired by Camel Fur Is Super Cool | Science | Smithsonian Magazine
a person holding a bug in their hand with some things on it's back
The Office of Naval Research hopes to harness locusts' powerful sense of smell to protect soldiers on the battlefield.
an image of a frog with snow on its head and hands in front of him
In Alaska, wood frogs freeze for seven months, thaw and hop away
~~Each September, the wood frogs of Alaska do a very strange thing: They freeze.They do not freeze totally solid, but they do freeze mostly solid for seven months, then they thaw and hop away | LA Times~~
a manass swimming in the ocean with caption that reads, i'd hug you if i had arms
In the Middle of a Bike Shortage, Uber Shreds Thousands of Jump E-Bikes
Grown-ups and Ph.D.s aren't the only ones creating groundbreaking gadgets that protect wild critters.
the nike flyknit is designed to look like a pink shoe with black and yellow accents
Co.Design Archives
Nike Accelerates 10 Materials Of The Future | Co.Design | business + design
a diagram showing the steps in how to use an appliance
The Manufacturing Industry's Role in the Circular Economy
The Role of Manufacturing in the Circular Economy · Environmental Leader · Environmental Management News
a lake surrounded by trees in the middle of a forest
We want to measure our sustainability against that of nature. Find out how
the city is surrounded by tall buildings covered in green plants and trees, under a cloudy sky
Interface | Design SpaceCan a factory be designed like a forest? - Interface | Design Space
a very tall building with plants growing on it
biophilic architecture is key for the sustainability and resilience of our future cities
a collage of photos with different types of birds, butterflies, and other things
Using inspiration from birds, bats, and insects, scientists are learning how to improve aircraft - whether it's designing new materials or flexible wings to morph into different shapes.