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three dresses hanging on clothes pins with flowers and leaves painted in blue, pink, and orange
Dream Closet (Paper Fashion)
Pastel colours. Work well together. Emerge together at points. No model. Purely the outfits. Loosely drawn. Clarity and purity. Really like the illustration.
four different hairstyles for women with long hair and braids in the middle
I know that I said that I won't be pinning until tomorrow but I'm just going to pin drawing because im drawing some stuff :)
an assortment of colored pencils and markers on top of a sheet of paper with eye designs
kuroo tetsurou
viria eye tutorial - Buscar con Google
multiple images of different colors and shapes in the same image, each with their own eyeball
[Material] super nice painting eyes, it must be a master of the art of the eye, is a touch short burst, and a small figure very high energy, (zu ω `) ~ and the source would not be a fair level combat ah. Hand-drawn pencil sketch manuscript illustrator
an image of different hairs and hair styles
How to Draw Realistic Hair: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Drawing ... Hairstyles ... The link does not go anywhere but the image is great
an eye chart with different types of eyes and their names on lined notebook paper in front of them
手绘 教程 眼睛 颜色的搭配 唯美
an image of different colored dresses on a cell phone screen with the caption's name below it
Art ~ Lauren Maurer ~ Watercolour Vintage Dresses!
Art ~ Lauren Maurer ~ Watercolour Vintage Dresses! I am blown away by the beauty of these paintings by Lauren Maurer. They just seem to capture everything that is wonderful about vintage dresses, in a style that exudes class and softness. Gorgeous!
a large poster with different colored lines on it
Free Professional Design Review | Custom Apparel Perfection
These were posted to help writers write.... but thinks they'd help consignment/ resale staffers describe incoming goods better. After all, it's not a pink couch or dress: it's salmon or strawberry, right?
the instructions for how to make a blouse with sleeves and collars, from an instruction manual
Clothing and Folds Tutorial by juliajm15 on DeviantArt
clothing and folds tutorial by juliajm15
an image of braiding instructions for different types of hair and how to use them
We Heart It
Mini Braid Tutorial drawing
the instructions for how to draw water lilies Pencil Drawings
131 - Cómo dibujar y pintar Waterlily por Scarlett-Aimpyh
some colored crayons are sitting on top of a sheet of paper with the words, you are the life to my heart and soul
Today's lettering practice. The quote is the daily prompt in the #letteritmay…