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Modernist De Stijl-inspired sliding door. Acrylic table on the forefront adding to the modern vibe. Transparent nature of the table may be deliberate to make the door stand out. #destijl #modernist #door #slidingdoor #interiordesign
a stained glass window with a woman's face
PANEL - Framed Stained Glass Stylish Woman Panel
a glass sculpture of a human body on a black stand with a light behind it
Michael Schunke Leaf Sculptures
some birds are flying over the water and sand
a stained glass sailboat sailing in the ocean
a stained glass window in the shape of a landscape with trees and mountains on it
a stained glass window with a tree on it
witraże - - Odkrywaj, kolekcjonuj, kupuj
a stained glass window with a man in a boat on the water and buildings around it
Витраж в окно Город Венеция № 413 | Студия витража Светланы Михайловой
Витраж landscape-006
a stained glass window with an image of a castle on top of a hill in the ocean
Витраж Город на горе № 401 | Студия витража Светланы Михайловой
Витраж landscape-017
a stained glass painting of a lighthouse by the ocean
Modèle pour vitrail - Phare fortifié - Vitrail Tiffany
Dessin de Bill Blodgett
a blue and green glass sculpture on top of a wooden base in front of a cloudy sky
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"Upsurge" Freestanding sculpture, signed by the artist. £185
two people are standing in front of a large glass sculpture that looks like a spiral design
Large Commissioned Sculpture & Public Art Concepts - Lyle London