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an open elevator in a modern building with glass walls and floor to ceiling sliding doors
Latest - Dr Wong - Emporium of Tings. Web Magazine.
an open door leading to a bedroom with a bed in the background and lights on either side
Hunter & Richards: Photo
If this is someone's home, I'm not sure how long this stays 'fun' or 'diverting' or worth the effort to create it. Maybe I'm getting boring, but I tend to demand more from my lighting interventions. Having said that, when first seen, this looks terrific.
a chair sitting in front of a wall next to a stair case with lights on it
60 Ambientes Decorados com LEDs - Fotos
Private Residence | Atrium Lights and David Mikhail Architects - feature timber wall with wall wash lighting
an empty hallway with white walls and lights
Atelier Zafari.Architecture | apartments and townhouses 46
an empty hallway with white walls and neon lights
Jourdan Hammond Interior Design
((Open RP- Hadyn)) Wind blowing through my hair and whistling past me, I finally skid to a rough stop. I look around me and see that the nearest door is about 4 corridors away from my original destination. "Damn it," I mutter under my breath, "overshot again." I turn around, ready to take off running again, but bump into you.
the inside and outside of a modern house with white walls, wood flooring and furniture
Inspiration & Ideas | BRABBU Design Forces
Slattery Australia Office by Elenberg Fraser Architecture
an empty room with a chair in the middle
A House by FKL Architects | Dezeen
Dublin architects FLK have completed a residence called A House in Dublin, Ireland. The building comprises two stacked, diagonally-staggered, concrete volumes. "The house is an exploration of diagonal space within an orthogonal form and the possibilities of integrating environmental concerns at a fundamental level," says Diarmaid Brophy of FLK. "A concrete tube provides the structural
an empty room with wooden floors and walls
The Red List
Jennings, Jim: Visiting Artist's House, Geyserville, California, USA pictures on
an empty room with wooden cabinets and white walls
Rome apartment modernised with faceted ceilings and wooden staircase
Renovated apartment in Rome by Scape
an open door with two knobs on each side
AD office - interieurarchitect - Arçen Dockx — L 1113