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there is a chocolate cake on top of a yellow plate with polka dot pattern in the background
◟ ͜ ◞ ೀ ◟ ͜ ◞ ೀ ◟ ͜ ◞ ೀ ◟ ͜ ◞ ೀ ◟ ͜ ◞ ೀ
a chocolate bar with white icing on it
bg for sh - primo
a pink icing drizzled on top of a chocolate bar with white squares
a pink cloud with white dots is shown in the shape of a polka dot pattern
꣑୧ ‧₊˚
a pink and white polka dot background with paw prints
an abstract image of squares and rectangles in shades of pink, beige and brown
four different color swatches with one green, the other pink and light green in squares
mitsuri kanroji app icons 🩷