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an over the door diaper storage rack in a purple room with white cloths hanging from it
If you've got wall space in your closet, utilize it.
Shoe organizers are great for shoes—but they're also great ways to store socks and underwear | 53 Seriously Life-Changing Clothing Organization Tips
a black and white polka dot tote bag with coffee mugs on the counter
Poorhouse Quilt Designs
Poá preta e branca.
a multicolored bag hanging on a wall with the words easures printed on it
Scrappy tote side 1
Scrappy tote
a multicolored bag hanging on the wall
Scrappy tote side 2
Scrappy tote. Love this!
a colorful quilt is laying on the ground in front of some grass and trees,
Triple 4-patch rainbow quilt
scrappy quilt
a multicolored quilt hanging on the side of a building
herringbone quilt.
love the scrappy
a woman holding up a colorful quilt on top of a wooden deck with flowers in the background
scrappy string quilt
a multicolored patchwork rug with many different colors and patterns on it's sides
The Festival of Quilts 2009
a colorful quilt hanging on the side of a wooden fence
Flower Garden
I really <3 a scrappy quilt!
many different quilts are on display together
Some day I will make one of these. Gorgeous!
a bed with colorful quilts and pillows on top of it in a room next to a window
large patchwork
Patchwork - love patchwork!!
a bed with a quilt and pillows on it
Bootiful Bed
My favorite quilts are made with simple squares.
the color scheme for this pillow is red, white, and green with an image of a star on it
My lovely PTS4 from Heather
a close up of a pillow on a white surface with colorful fabric and stitching
Poppy pouch by Poppyprint