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Lol Suho and his dorkiness XD K Pop, Kdrama, Akdong Musician, Exo Memes, Btob, The Leader, Leader, Jpop, Exo Luhan
Lol Suho and his dorkiness XD
an image of two people on stage with one holding a microphone and the other singing
a male in a black shirt and blue pants on stage with purple lights behind him
lol yes! i'm sorry but some of EXO's outfits (like Suho is so fabulously displaying here xD) are plain ridiculous like is their stylist even trying or what? #exo
many different pictures of children with captioning in english and chinese, including the names of each child
This is so accurate, I can't even. Kai's kids though. HAHAHAHAHA
#KPOP #EXO Phone Case Exo Do
#KPOP #EXO Phone Case
an image of some people talking to each other in the same language, and one person is
Suho fell hard (Who didn't?) lol
a man holding a knife in his right hand with the caption don't like exo? i bet you don't like knives either
a woman holding an umbrella while standing on top of a field
the champion of love and justice is standing next to an image of a woman in silhouette
Sailor Chanyeol Moon | allkpop Meme Center
Sailor Chanyeol Moon ...
a young man sitting on top of a stone wall next to a brick building with his hands in his pockets
Lay *O*
two young men walking down an escalator in a shopping mall, one wearing a hat
exo on Tumblr
fuckin hot suho *O*
an image of two cartoon characters talking to each other with the caption do you know what they are?
D.O the explorer! | allkpop Meme Center
oppa sehun so cute... and lay appears in a cameo too XD
two pictures of the same person in front of a microphone, one with an advertise on it
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