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Custom Zippo Rauch Tricks, Take My Money, Puff And Pass
Custom Zippo Don’t Smoke by Olmo
Custom Zippo
a green leather flask lighter in a box
Zippo case, Ready to ship on mondey;) Vegetable tan leather $42 100%handmade made to order worldwide shipping https://www.etsy.com/shop/HollyMonkeyArtcraft www.hollymonkeyartcraft.com
a gold colored lighter with intricate designs on it
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a silver flask lighter sitting on top of a black table next to a clock
Zippo Antique Silver Brave Troops Jacket Lighter
Regular Zippo Sterling Silver Arabesque Lighter
a silver lighter sitting on top of a carpet next to an american flag with the word usa written on it
S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Perfect Ping Diamond Head With Electric Blue Lighter C16619
Japanese Plated Silver 5 Sides Arabesque Zippo Lighter 2GI-5KARA
a zippo lighter with an abstract design on the front and side, in silver
Illusion Flame
Illusion Flame - an optical illusion I created by alternating thick and thin lines, in black, on the chrome lighter. This lighter feels really cool, too, because the color is slightly raised on the surface.
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Steampunk lighter Steampunk Diy, Upcycling, Steampunk Lighter, Steampunk City, Steampunk Gadgets, Clock Gears, Diy Gadgets, Steampunk Lighting
Jewelry Making Journal
Steampunk lighter
two pieces of metal are attached to each other
Steampunk zippo - I'm disappointed that of all the steampunk smoker I know, none of them has a sweet lighter like this