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a poem for tea written on top of a piece of paper with flowers in it
A Poem for Tea
an illustration of a rabbit in the woods with flowers on it's back legs
#calmyourself #thestormwillpass
the quote she was an adventurer at heart but, oh how she loved to be home
Adventure Quote
a bookworm's belonging poster with books, coffee mugs and other items
"A Bookworm's Belongings" Art Print for Sale by ohjessmarie
Goals. Feelings, Sayings, Thoughts, Love, Writing Prompts, Morning Thoughts, Content, Life Goals
Goals | Self Ceremony
the tweet is about to be read by someone
a cat sitting in a chair with a book on it's lap and drinking tea
I know things
Pink, Instagram, Self Care, Self Improvement
Just Girly Things, Selfie, Self Care Activities, Self Care Routine, Relaxing Candles
an old poem written in black ink on brown paper with writing underneath it that reads, i love to sit in silent
Girly Me
Girly Me