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a white kitchen with lots of windows and stainless steel appliances on the counter top,
1982 called….they want their windows back… - Cleverly Inspired
an open kitchen and dining area with skylights
Indoor Skylights: 37 Beautiful Examples To Tempt You To Have One For Yourself
an aerial view of a house's roof with a pool in the back ground
Structural Ridge Standardized Glass Skylight · Bellwether Design Technologies
an outdoor shower in the middle of a garden with palm trees and mountains in the background
Birch Log Candle Holder, Fireplace Decor, Birch Wood Decor, Birch Logs, Birch Wood Fireplace, Log Fireplace Filler - Etsy
a white wall with a bucket hanging from it's side and palm trees in the background
Outdoor Showers: 20 Ideas for Bathing en Plein Air - Gardenista