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Tips, Recipes, and motivation to get and stay fit for travel (vacations, workcations, family travel, and more)
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Get Fit for Travel with Easy to make Smoothies and Juicing Recipes
Hello there, I am the owner and travel advisor for Shertina's Travel, LLC and one thing I love is looking and feeling great when I travel. I am sharing some of my favorite easy to follow smoothies and juicing recipes that help me look great and feel amazing for every day life and for upcoming travel. Click this pin to get your copy of this popular electronic recipe book for less than $10.
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Is Business Travel Making You Fat? 10 Tips for Healthier Eating During Business Travel - Business Travel Life
Healthy Business Travel : How to be stay healthy during business travel. If you vowed to lose weight while you were traveling for business previously, you may have discovered how difficult it can be to follow a cookie cutter diet plan on the road. See 10 easy ways to stay healthy during business travel | Exercise And Fitness Tips | #exercise #fitness #fitnesstips #exercisetips #workouttips #workout #exerciseforbellyfat #exercisetoloseweight