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a box of borax sitting on top of a counter next to measuring cups
35 Unusual Uses for Borax
Borax can be used to clean almost anything around the house and it takes up very little space, leaving you room to store other things.
@home2tips on Instagram: "Follow 👉 @home2tips for more helpful tips like this one!  Just 1 Ball and your Tennis Shoes and Clothes are Like New. #HomeTips #Tips #Tricks" Useful Life Hacks, Cleaning Tennis Shoes, Cleaning Sneakers, Diy Cleaning Hacks, Clean Shoes, Diy Cleaning Solution, Cleaning Videos, Home Cleaning Tips
@home2tips on Instagram: "Follow 👉 @home2tips for more helpful tips like this one! Just 1 Ball and your Tennis Shoes and Clothes are Like New. #HomeTips #Tips #Tricks"
a pile of dirt sitting on top of a carpet next to a bag of cleaning supplies
How to Clean Dog Diarrhea from Your Carpet | HomeViable.com
Learn how to remove dog poop and diarrhea stains from your carpet in this step-by-step outline. We share cleaning hacks for removing the feces, stains, and smell with a handful of DIY home remedy cleaning solutions. #homeviable #carpetcleaning #dog #poop #diarrhea
a hand holding a rag next to a washing machine with the words cleaning 101 how to clean a washing machine
Cleaning 101: How to Clean a Top Loader Washing Machine
This tutorial uses non-toxic ingredients (like vinegar and baking soda) to naturally clean the drum of a top loader washing machine with ease.
someone is holding an object in their hand with the caption if you haven't cleaned this appliance in a month, you better fast
How to Clean a Washing Machine
an open oven with cleaning products in it
How to Clean Your Oven Like a Pro
there is a sign that says the no scrub way to clean the oven
The No-Scrub Way To Clean Your Oven
towels piled on top of each other with the words keep your towels soft and fluffy
How to Always Have Soft and Fluffy Towels - Snug & Cozy Life
a bathtub with red liquid in it and the words 7 amazing shower cleaning hacks that'll surprise you
an open oven door with a bottle of cleaner in the front and on the inside
how to steam clean your oven with the help of a sponge and other cleaning products
How to Steam Clean Your Oven
the before and after image shows how to clean an upholstered chair with this simple trick for dusting lampshades
Easy Way to Clean Lampshades | How to Dust Lampshades in Seconds - Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry
Easy Way to Dust Lamp Shades - Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry