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Christian Romance Novels

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Free downloadable Bible Quizzes for kids, parents and teachers. Teach your children more about the Bible and Torah. A new quiz added weekly.


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Simple definitions for each of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Students can cut and paste to match the gifts, or play Memory. Both names for the gifts are provided, separate worksheets.

Bible... God, Jesus and the Holt Spirit

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At the time when humanity was increasing on the earth, a mysterious group called the nephilim appeared. Discover who the nephilim were at God-Quest.com. nephilim, the flood, Genesis, best Bible studies

Bible... In the beginning

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Keys To The Kingdom

Book of 2 Samuel

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To Be Filed

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The Book's of John, 1 John, 2 John & 3 John

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This Video Will Give You Goosebumps - YouTube

Which Bible Would You Use?

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We have a mutual predator waiting stealthily in the dark ready to pounce on the weakest link in our life. This enemy is lurking near our family, our children, our most cherished when we are not vigilant, and when we are the most tired. It is ready to pounce and grab knowing we are not alert anymore.Here are 4 D's the Devil tries to use against a child of God. Be ware and Be vigilant my friends! #roaringdevil #DianasDiaries #besober

Evil is All Around US!

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Holy Spirit

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Join Face To Face Mentoring Podcast Episode 32 When God Calls The Heart at Christmas with Michelle Cox. You will be inspired as you hear the God stories behind her life and the NEWLY released book on Amazon with co-author Executive Producer of When Calls The Heart, Brian Bird.  This book features 25 devotions based on episodes of Hallmark's When Calls the Heart, holiday recipes, Christmas stories, and traditions all about the celebrations of faith, family, and friends.  #mentoring

Christian Podcasts

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Love in the Bible: Gomer and Hosea

Bible... How to Start or Study

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Top 25 Most Popular Bible Verses in Genesis via @stillfaithcom
Top 25 Most Popular Bible Verses in Leviticus via @stillfaithcom

Bible Verses In...

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Here are the 25 most important Bible scriptures on rebuke.


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Interesting Facts 4BibleStudy Cards

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Big Ideas in Luke by Annette Zimmerman
The Quick View Bible » Big Ideas in Habakkuk

Big Ideas

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Black 4BibleStudy Cards

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The Holy Spirit in the New Testament – 1
Incorruptible Things

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Why Should We Worship God

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King & Prophets

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Large White Letters 4BibleStudy Cards

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White Letters 4BibleStudy Cards

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