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many different colored papers are flying in the air with white lines on top of them
Printemps Take Away
Beautiful packaging
an abstract photo with multiple colors and shapes
Samurai Japanese Restaurant (Student Project)
Samurai ‪‎Japanese‬ Restaurant ‪‎Packaging‬ ‪‎Design‬ by Oliver Sjöqvist, Nanna Basekay, Fanny Löfvall (‪‎Sweden‬) -
three different views of an open pizza box
Estos son los 32 empaques más ingeniosos que existen y no podrás creer lo que ves
an open cardboard box with utensils and napkins in it on the table
.... - a grouped images picture
picnic box
four photographs of different types of paper on display
WAKE UP! / PIDA 2015
WAKE UP! / coffee shop
an array of different types of skis on display
Cereal Planet - Package Design on Behance... - a grouped images picture
Cereal Planet - Package Design on Behance - created via
the packaging design for macaroni and cheese is shown in three different colors, including pink
Mochiice new concept
#packaging #design #color #graphic
there is a woman holding a pie in front of her face and an open box on the table
Pie Box... - a grouped images picture
Pie Box... - a grouped images pin by - Pin Them All
an assortment of different types of boxes with labels on the top and bottom, in various colors
Oriental Packaging Design (Concept)
Oriental Packaging Design (Concept) Creative Agency: Reynhard. Communication Design Project Type: Concept Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands
a stack of books sitting next to each other
Sausage packaging design & food illustrations
Range of sausages packaging designs and illustrations for HUNSA, by Dessein, Australia.
several different types of wood are shown in this graphic design process, including the bottom half of
Chop Chop - Chinese Takeaway for Two
Chop Chop - Chinese takeaway packaging for two on Behance by Charlotte Warren curated by Packaging Diva PD. Looks like its Chinese for lunch : )
several different types of fruits and vegetables are shown in this image, including carrots, grapes, tomatoes, beans, and celery - hardpin Resources and Information.
Fruit vegetable dip to-go containers // have a healthy snack on the go! Choose celery dip, carrot dip, grape or apple for a healthy snack on the run! #product_design #kitchen
a bag filled with lettuce sitting on top of a white table
Student Spotlight: Market Grown
"Market Grown is a campaign to support local farmers in Alachua County, FL. In order to help the farmers, we made burlap bags to be sold at the Farmers Market to create revenue. The bags feature screen printed designs of vegetables and fruits which are sold by the farmers. The bags are made out of burlap as a way to up-cycle existing materials found at the market. The inside of the bags are lined with colorful nylon fabric so they are water-proof for fresh produce. "
power up greens baby greens in a plastic container
Dole power up greens packaging
an assortment of food wrapped in plastic wrappers with the words, don't stop and
Tops/Roots (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery... - a grouped images picture
Tops/Roots (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All