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a green branch with leaves on a white background
Branch with dark green leaves vector image on VectorStock
a painting of three green bamboos with leaves
#craft #DIY #handmade #homedecor
#craft #DIY #handmade #homedecor
several pieces of blue and white paper are arranged in the shape of an origami heart
how to make different cards for scrapbook |cards tutorial for scrapbook
the words i want to be'see jesus in her'are written on a beige background
MY TOP AMAZON PRODUCTS! Amazing products that will make your life easier!
the words lord, please, silence my thoughts so that i can hear your voice
Michael Bliss
the words pray about it as much as you think about it on a pink background
Friday Favorites-1.22.21 | A Little Bit of Everything
a group of children sitting at desks in front of a poster with the caption'te puedes rei de mi '
In this walk, we can’t worry about what others think; we just have to live it anyway. There’s someone watching who’s life depends on you serving Him. @Regrann from @apostolicclothing – Let your life honor God even if you have to do it alone. – #regrann #servehim #bealight #beawitness #pray #honorgod
an image of a woman reading a book in bed with coffee and fruit on the side
One year later: Post Grad.
Prayer For You