Car logos

70 Pins
the logo for qoros is shown in english and chinese characters can be seen here
Qoros Auto Co., Ltd.
an image of a red and black logo with chinese characters on it's side
the back end of a car with chinese writing on it
Hongqi hood ornament
the front end of a red and white car with its hood up in the dark
Hongqi hood ornament
the logo for the saint valentine vendee football team, which has been designed to look like an argyle pattern
Shelby Super Cars (SSC)
an image of the logo for hayo
the logo for mtsuoka is black and white with an image of a cross on it
Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.
a sign hanging from the side of a wall that says bedelia on it
Bédélia (Bourbeau et Devaux Co.)
a metal sign sitting on the side of a road
Szawe Automobil- und Karosseriefabrik AG hood ornament
a blue and white logo is shown on a black surface, with the word szawe in it
Szawe Automobil- und Karosseriefabrik AG
the badge for kalosserie sawe is shown in blue and silver on a white background
Szawe Automobil- und Karosseriefabrik AG
the logo for touring superleggea
Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera S.r.l.
the logo for ares design modena is shown in black, white, and green
ARES Design Modena S.r.l.
a golden dragon sitting on top of a black ball with the words,'alien motors '
Ajlani Motors
the letter e v in gold on a black background
Devel Motors (Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry L.L.C.)