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a woman sitting on top of a poster holding a cell phone
Hand Drawn Title Animation. Adobe After Effects Tutorial
Learn how to Create a cool Hand Drawn Title Animation in Adobe After Effects in 5 Minutes, and add it to your next Animation project!
two black and white photos hanging on the wall with one shadow in front of them
an advertisement for another summer is gone
✨ ANOTHER SUMMER IS GONE DESIGNED BY @amtakethat This summer was amazing and even though I wish that it would never end, but I have to… | Instagram
a silver camera with a white screen on it
some type of font that is in the middle of a street
Scratchy Font! Handwriting! Texture! - The Suppply Co
Scratchy Font! Handwriting! Texture!, #Display #Fonts
a collage of photos with different words on them
the collage is made up of many different images and shapes, including people's silhouettes
2015 - 2016 - Ben Lewis Giles