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some anime characters laying on top of each other with their arms around one another and looking at the camera
Enjoying the view here *-* this will be the best wallpaper ever! I'm gping to make this as my wallpaper | Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
three young men are standing next to each other
Anime Gif
フリ - look at sousuke with his arm around rin. look me in the eyes and tell me it's not canon.
an anime poster with many people in it
The Largest Anime/Tokutastsu Retail Store in Little Tokyo, Los Ageles, California, Jungle
Free!: Fabric Poster - Slumber Party
four people sitting on a couch holding video game controllers in front of them and one person standing
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
a man holding a baby girl in his arms with the caption that reads, i love you so much
YAOI💕 (@Fujoshi_YAOI_) / Twitter
two anime characters are talking to each other
Look at Nagisa's face. He's like, "My waifu is good with kids. I have chosen well." He's totally planning their future in his head! <~ OMG XD
four anime guys are floating in the water with their arms around each other and looking up
Free! - Images
Les garçons de Free !
an anime character with no shirt on standing in the water, staring at the camera
Haruka Nanase ~ phone wallpapers
some anime characters are laying down on the ground and one person is lying down with his head
Alright Alright Alright
Alright Alright Alright
four young men sitting on a bench with their hands in the air and one holding a cup
Qué personaje de Free! es tu alma gemela?
Qué personaje de Free! es tu alma gemela? - Quiz
four anime characters posing for the camera with their hands up in front of their faces
hello, chaos on Twitter
จาก Newtype กาหสฟวหวกดใฟมฟสหว ฉันต้องไม่ตายยย
an anime scene with four men in uniform and one is holding a baseball bat while the other man holds a tennis racket
Qué personaje de Free! es tu alma gemela?
Qué personaje de Free! es tu alma gemela? - Quiz
an animated image of some people jumping in the air with one person on his back
Free! -Take Your Marks- Anime Film Heads to U.S. Theaters
Fans of Kyoto Animation and Animation Do’s hit swimming anime Free! have a lot to look forward to, starting with U.S. screenings of the new movie, Free! -Take Your Marks-. Funimation announced plans for a one-night-only screening of the feature, which is is coming to select theaters on March 14. Advance tickets for this event officially go live on February 13.
anime characters with different facial expressions and their name in each character's avatars
Aiichiro Nitori
nephilimgirlbooks: “ tag yourself i’m kouwaii ”
some comics are being used to describe something
rockets: Sourin Texting - “more doodles based off of manda’s headcanons cuz sourin would be colossal losers texting each other from the same bunk ”