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the website is designed to look like it has pink and white decorations on top of it
Notion Academic Planner
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Notion Template
Notion Template
Notion Template #notion #notiontemplateideas #notiontemplate #notiontemplateideasforstudents #freenotiontemplates
the dashboard screen shows different types of webpages and their content, as well as numbers
Dashboard design
new year, new notion set-up! i’ve always liked the combination of green and pink, so i decided to use it for my notion. what do you guys think? hopefully i wont get tired of how this looks cause i honestly cant stop fixing my notion lmao
miffy themed notion template ideas Apps, Digital, Branding Kit, Miffy, Tips, School
miffy themed notion template ideas - homepage
an image of a web page with purple and white colors
Notion Light Purple Aesthetic Dashboard
Light purple aesthetic notion dashboard template with meal planner, habit tracker, wish list etc.
an image of a web page with many different things on the screen and in the background
super cute and pastel notion template
an image of a website page with purple flowers on the front and bottom corner,
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