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an image of a mind map with words in different languages
English Language: Parts of Speech
a poster with some words on it that are in english and spanish, including thesaurus
Basic Grammar Functions
four different types of past and present tenses with the same words in each one
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a table with different types of english words
modal verbs in English
the order of adverts chart for children's learning and teaching activities, including speech
Order of adjective English grammar
order of adjective list with examples
the prepositional phrases poster
Prepositional Phrases - English Study Here
Prepositional Phrases
the different types of words that are used to describe each other in an english language
English 8 parts of speech with examples
Examples of how to use the 8 parts of speech in English grammar:
a poster with the words basic rules of grammar
Basic rules of grammar
a poster with some words on it and an image of the word proofing mark
Proofreading Marks Chart
Proofreading marks poster (editing - conventions, etc.)
an image of a formal letter
Aprende inglés: cómo escribir una carta formal #infografia #education - TICs y Formación
Aprende inglés: cómo escribir una carta formal #INFOGRAFIA #EDUCATION
email writing worksheet with instructions for students to learn how to write an email
an image of a table with words on it
Shift your words