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many people raising their hands in the air
a painting of a man with his hands clasped to his face and the words jesus written in arabic
two hands reaching up into the air
Oração do anjo da guarda: conheça a oração para pedir proteção
the silhouette of a person holding their hands up in front of a sky with clouds
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a woman with her hair blowing in the wind
Faith Hope GOD
a person sitting on top of a mountain next to a fog filled valley with mountains in the background
'Woman Leaving an Offering on Mt. Batur, Batur, Bali, Indonesia' Photographic Print - Margie Politzer |
a woman holding her hands to her face while she is looking down at the ground
two people holding open books while sitting on a bed with their hands resting on the book
Wait For The Guy Who...
The first embrace
The first embrace