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a book with a bunch of different colored elements on it and a pen in front of it
"You Just Sunk My Copernicium!" Playing Periodic Table Battleship
an odd pattern with clouds and the words even even in red, white, and blue
How Quantum Sudoku Demonstrate Entanglement
Quantum sudoku game: the idea is to fill in each square with "0" or "1" so that…
a group of angry birds sitting on top of a white wall next to each other
Angry Birds Parabola Project
classroom tips, teaching ideas & resources for teaching high school math
the art of circles math and art projects
the Art of Circles :: math and art lessons workshop
Art and math projects about circles :: art and math lesson plans :: ideas for STEAM lessons
some crayons and markers are laying on top of a piece of paper with the words geometric math art
Geometric Math Art With Circles
Geometric Math Art With Circles
the logo for fibonacci art project
Fibonacci Art Project
Fibonacci art project. Great S.T.E.A.M. math art project.
the color in the answer to each question as you answer it worksheet for kids
Growth Mindset Activity: Learning Style Quiz and Hemispheres of theBrain
Beg, Borrow, and Teach!: Growth Mindset Activity: Learning Style Quiz and Hemispheres of theBrain
two posters on the wall with graphs and numbers written in different colors, each depicting an individual's height
PIeces (Final) Project
Students at our school can opt out of second semester final exams by doing well on state assessments. Most of my students fall into that cat...
a purple book cover with the words function operations and composition stations mazes on it
Operations and Compositions of Functions Activity | Digital and Print
Operations and Compositions of Functions Stations Maze Activity
the color by number complete set includes four different patterns and five matching activities for kids
Fraction, Decimal, Percent Math Wheel
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the secret spring code worksheet is shown in this printable version for kids
Zippin Down the Freebie Trail
Hi! I am Stephanie, an upper elementary teacher, who is obsessed with creating rigorous, engaging, and long lasting lessons for my students. I share practical ideas that can be implemented in the classroom immediately.
a white board with some writing on it and numbers written in blue, green, red, yellow and orange
Review Jeopardy...and Bags!
Review Jeopardy combined with Bags (Beanbag Toss)! My middle school math students love the combination of math, competition, and challenge of the bean bag toss! Review Jeopardy is adaptable for any content area and is a fun way for students to review.