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two pictures with the same caption in different languages, and one has an image of a
love u | BNHA SCENARIUSZE | zakończone | vol. 2
a woman with long lashes and gold glitter on her eyes is looking at the camera
Behind my Mask (Bnha x male reader)
a drawing of a woman with her hand to her face and the words omg above her head
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a drawing of a person making the v sign with their fingers and wearing a blue shirt
what is feirun running from?
an image of a cartoon character with text that reads, i'm not sure if he
Stand your ground ( Just the normal Bakusquad ) - sUCH AmAsTeR PeICe!
an anime character with blonde hair and blue eyes, holding his arms behind his head
Zaps, Zoops, and Zorps
My Hero Academia Tenya Iida, Mha Shifting, Shifting Visuals, Movie Games, Tenya Iida, Ochaco Uraraka, Denki Kaminari
My Hero Academia Podcast (@MHAPod) / Twitter
some people are talking to each other
Red Water, White Death
two people are talking to each other while one person is holding a heart shaped object
Where stories live
an image of some anime characters on the ground with their name tags in front of them
Wholesome Murder: Photo
two cartoon characters are running on the beach
Know Your Meme
a man with blonde hair wearing a suit and tie making the v sign while standing in front of a green background
oodles of doodles