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Hickory the Scottish Deerhound. Westminster's Best in Show, 2011 (and the dog of my dreams).
My Zeke: Mr Goofy, has a dazzling smile for every new friend... he loves 'taking a bow' when he knows he's done well. Counter-surfer & sofa hog. Super affectionate, has to be leaning against you whenever possible- he loves body contact. Adores teasing his grumpy terrier-sisters & running with his Greyhound girlfriend!

Scottish deerhound

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two dogs that are looking up at something
Lionheart & Livith 9 week old Irish Wolfhound pups by photographer Paul Croes
two dogs are sitting next to each other
Such soulful eyes. Love Irish Wolfhounds! Years ago I had one named Gretchen! dogs
a large white dog walking down the street with several puppies in front of him
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an old photo of a woman standing next to a dog
authentic fauxhemian
borzoi - russian wolf hound. the biggest teddy bears you will ever meet!
a man sitting on steps with three dogs in front of him and the words castele de crani
Borzoi Daily
Queen Maria of Romania with three Borzoi, in the Castle of Bran.
a black and white photo of a dog standing in front of a dark background with its mouth open
Black Borzoi
a dog laying on top of a pile of blankets
Kylemore's Milis Amaya
a dog standing on top of a hard wood floor next to a person sitting down
two dogs are laying on a red blanket in the living room, one is looking at the camera
Roisin and Rusalka