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an illustration of various items that include clothing, shoes and other things to be seen in the image
So I created a tag, feel free to join #hogwartsstarterpack and draw yourselves! - Criei essa Tag, bora se desenhar? Passa pro lado para ver…
a small purse sitting on top of a wooden table
Niffler embroidery purse with clasp Hand Embroidery Harry Potter embroidery Purse for treasures
an old wanted poster with two women in black and white on the front, one is missing
Wizards Unite Characters: Newt Scamander - Accio Wizards Unite
tina goldstein wanted poster fantastic beasts - Here you can learn the good, the bad and the ugly of the magical world's most prominent figures. Today we will focus on famous magizoologist Newt Scamander.
someone is holding two books in their hand on top of a bed with white sheets
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a man and woman standing next to each other
#Newtina heart: Awww, the moment shippers wait for at every #CrimesOfGrindelwald cast appearance, when #EddieRedmayne #KatherineWaterston represent their characters’ onscreen relationship. Here they’re doing a tandem heart sign at the Tokyo premiere of the film Wednesday. #FantasticBeasts
two people laying on top of each other with their eyes closed and one person hugging the other
#fantasticbeasts hashtag on Twitter
#fantasticbeasts hashtag on Twitter
a man reading a book to two children in bed
chive🍊 on X
Is this newt and his brother or am I just a fan obbssesed idiot
two people are hugging each other and one person is wearing a suit, the other has a
ㅅrl우버거 on Twitter
ㅅrl우버거 on Twitter: "inseparable #ScamanderBros… "
a drawing of a man holding a woman in his arms and the words, my little bro
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the doctor who is smiling and talking to each other
I loved this interaction so much and my heart is feeling so many things!!! They’re just so cute together!!!