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a woman in white dress standing on stage with her arms behind her head and hands above her head
조이를 집으로 되돌려보낼 뻔 했던 여자.jpg
바로 아이린.데뷔 전에 연습생 시절 때, 아이린을 처음 본 조이가집에 가서 엄마한테 자기 연예인 못할 것 같다고 했다함.이유는 아이린이 너
Lindaaaaa! Casa comigo!! Red Carpet Dresses, Women's Casual Style, Most Beautiful Faces, Airport Outfit, Chanyeol
Lindaaaaa! Casa comigo!!
a woman in a black dress is walking down the stairs with her hand on her hip
† ριntєrєѕt † : Mary Virmoux
Irene Queen Definition, Korean Fashion Kpop, Mia 3, Beauty Queen
Red Velvet's Visual Mother, Bae Joohyun #Irene #SoPretty Summer Magic, Chica Cool, Fotografi Editorial
Red Velvet's Visual Mother, Bae Joohyun #Irene #SoPretty